Welcome to my legislative website! I am proud to serve as the State Senator from Illinois' 29th District, representing portions of the North Suburbs of Chicago in Lake and Cook Counties.

It is truly my honor to represent you in Springfield. Please do not hesitate to contact my office with questions or ways I can better serve you.


Julie Morrison

DEERFIELD — As State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Lake Forest) and her colleagues returned to Springfield Wednesday, she has vowed to fight for human services funding in the Fiscal Year ’21 budget, especially for the Department of Children and Family Services.


“Many agencies that are tasked with helping and protecting our state’s most vulnerable populations already struggle with too few resources,” Morrison said. “Illinois should be a leader in showing all people are valuable and deserve to be treated with human dignity.” 

Morrison is chair of the Illinois Senate Human Services Committee, where she fights for the beneficiaries of a number of human services agencies, most notably DCFS. 

DCFS workers are in capacities that could expose them to COVID-19, causing them to need more protective gear, like masks, gloves and other PPE. Those on the frontlines for the agency have also expressed desires to reduce face-to-face interactions with  clients as much as possible. With this, however, comes a need for technology.

“High-profile failures at DCFS have come in part from the agency not receiving priority in funding,” Morrison said. “As members of the General Assembly, we should push for continued funding for DCFS and other human services organizations so they can help the most vulnerable among us, especially abused and neglected children.”

Additionally, Morrison has been a steadfast ally and supporter of the developmental and intellectual disabilities communities and pushes for funding to support autism services, sexual assault programs and mental health supportive housing.

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During its May 12 meeting, the Lake County Board passed a measure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that gives property owners more time to pay each installment of their property taxes.

Many people across the state and in the Lake County community are dealing with financial difficulties due to the pandemic. 

The Lake County Board recognized those hardships and enacted an ordinance that allows taxpayers to spread their property tax payments over four installments, rather than two. If the second half of the payment is made by the second due date, no late fees will be incurred. 

The payments were originally due on June 8 and Sept. 8. However, under the ordinance, Lake County property owners can spread their payments out as follows:

  • 50% of the first installment payment is due by June 8, 2020.
  • 50% of the first installment payment is due by Aug. 7, 2020.
  • 50% of the second installment payment is due by Sept. 8, 2020.
  • 50% of the second installment payment is due by Nov. 9, 2020.

The Lake County treasurer's office said it will send notice of the deferred payment plan to Lake County property owners through the mail within the next two weeks. 

Additionally, Cook County officials announce what they’re going to do to help COVID-19-stressed property owners deal with their property taxes later this week.

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If you face uncertainty about when you will be able to return to work, you might be looking for immediate financial relief to help you during this time. 

The Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program is open to help people who are unemployed for reasons related to COVID-19 and are not eligible for the state’s regular unemployment insurance program, including independent contractors (gig workers), sole proprietors and the self-employed. 

The Illinois Department of Employment Security rolled out a new application portal Monday.

Workers who believe they may be eligible for new federal benefits under the PUA program must first apply for regular unemployment insurance and be denied before applying for benefits under PUA.

If you apply for benefits and receive an eligibility determination of $0, you can then submit a claim for PUA benefits. If you have already applied for and been denied regular benefits, you can submit a claim through the new PUA portal when it opens.

Under PUA, up to 39 weeks’ worth of benefits are potentially available for COVID-19-related unemployment claims. PUA claims will be backdated to your first week of unemployment, but no earlier than Feb. 2, and will continue no later than the week ending Dec. 26, 2020.

For more information and to apply, visit the IDES website.

Many Illinoisans are facing financial worries during this time — however, these resources will allow our state to begin its recovery. 

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DEERFIELD — During Foster Parent Appreciation Month, State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Lake Forest) is expressing gratitude toward the thousands of foster families across the state who have opened homes to children who previously lived in unsafe conditions.

03142019CM1013 “At a time where children are home every day without teachers or daycare staff being able to keep an eye on their safety, it is more important than ever they live in strong, loving households,” Morrison said. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands of families across the state have committed to keeping children safe for an unknown amount of time and have done so graciously.”

About 4,000 children across the state each year are taken into temporary care through the Department of Children and Family Services when they live in an abusive or neglectful home. Foster families provide protection and love while the agency works with families to make positive changes in the home, in an effort to reunite parents with their children.

“I have the utmost respect for people who have selflessly opened their arms to take care of the state’s most vulnerable children,” Morrison said.

To become a licensed foster parent, people are encouraged to call 1-800-572-2390 or fill out the online interest form on the DCFS website found at www2.illinois.gov/dcfs.

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