Governor Rauner: Sign my bill increasing assault weapon waiting period

I have heard the outcry from students, mothers and families who have demanded action from their government to quell the epidemic of gun violence across our country.

In February, the Senate began voting on a series of proposals that together represent a comprehensive approach to dealing with gun violence. The Senate first took up a plan I sponsored creating the Lethal Violence Order of Protection Act that would empower concerned family members to alert the court system when an individual with access to a firearm is displaying threatening or unsafe behavior. That bill passed the Senate and is awaiting a vote in the House. Read more here

On March 14, after joining my colleagues in a walkout in solidarity with students demanding action on gun violence, the Senate passed three additional gun safety proposals, including:

  • House Bill 1465 (Sponsor: Senator Tony Munoz): Bans the sale and possession of assault weapons and the sale and possession of high capacity magazines to anyone under the age of 21.
    Status: Passed the Senate, awaiting House vote
  • House Bill 1467 (Sponsor: Senator Kwame Raoul): Bans the sale and possession of bump-stocks or trigger cranks and would allow municipalities to regulate assault weapons.
    Status: Passed the Senate, awaiting House vote
  • House Bill 1468 (Sponsor: Senator Julie Morrison): Increases the "cooling off" time to purchase an assault weapon from 24 hours to 72 hours.
    Status: Passed both chambers, awaiting governor's signature

It is my hope the House will also be able to pass both of the remaining proposals, sending them to the governor’s desk.

What remains to be seen, however, is whether the governor will sign or veto these bills.

Governor Rauner recently vetoed our efforts to hold corrupt gun dealers accountable and has refused to sign my legislation (House Bill 1468) to increase assault weapon waiting periods to 72 hours. Despite opposition from the NRA, this proposal passed both the House and Senate and has been sitting on the governor’s desk for 26 days.

Demand Governor Rauner sign this important bill today.

To facilitate the great work our local students are doing on gun safety advocacy, I am hosting an “Ending Gun Violence Student Forum,” giving students the ability to have an open discussion and to plan next steps on how to reduce gun violence. Click here for more information

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