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Julie Morrison



SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison declared the state’s Fiscal Year 2024 budget a fiscally responsible, smart spending plan that prioritizes affordability and accessibility to education at all levels.

“Increasing funding for public education, making college more accessible, and supporting business development all coincide with my priorities in the Senate,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “This responsible spending decision is a vote of confidence in the future of our state.”

Morrison, a Senate Majority Whip, is Vice Chair of the Senate Appropriations-Health and Human Services Committee and was actively involved in budget negotiations. She was proud to support a budget that puts the state on a path toward fiscal responsibility and invests in education from preschool to college.

The budget continues the commitment of a $350 million increase toward the evidence based funding model for K-12 education, and increases Monetary Award Program funding by $100 million –  to a total of $701 million.

This increased funding allows nearly all community college students and 40% of public university students at or below median income levels to have their tuition and fees covered through MAP and Pell Grants.

“College affordability is an issue that affects parents all across the state,” Morrison “As a mother of college graduates, I know firsthand that the funding increase to higher education will provide financial security to many families and allow more children to further their education right here in Illinois.”

When Morrison first entered the General Assembly, she passed a measure to create the one-stop business portal to foster entrepreneurship – however, it was never funded. This year, she secured $10 million for the program, leading to a more streamlined process to start a business.

Further, the budget prioritizes business attraction and development, workforce training, economic assistance programs, and more. It includes funds to support job creation, improve commercial corridors and attract new businesses to the state.

“Illinois businesses drive our economy,” said Morrison. “Job creation and business development will bring forth greater financial stability that will invite companies to make our state their home.”

The FY 24 Budget will take effect July 1.

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SPRINGFIELD – Less than a year after State Senator Julie Morrison and her family ran for their lives as a man opened fire from a rooftop in Highland Park, she passed a measure to enhance public safety through the use of drones.

“Drones provide an invaluable resource that can be used to monitor large crowds for suspicious activity,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “This technology exists – there’s no reason we shouldn’t put it in the hands of law enforcement.”

The Morrison-led measure allows law enforcement to use drones to monitor special events, like parades and festivals, to detect breaches and identify public safety issues. Under House Bill 3902, law enforcement could use drones at parades, walks, concerts or other events that are outdoors and open to the public.

“The devastating July day in Highland Park underscored the need for increased public safety initiatives for large events,” said Morrison. “I can’t help but wonder what the outcome of that July day would’ve been had this law been in place.”

It comes in response to the Fourth of July mass shooting that killed seven and wounded dozens more in Highland Park. The shooter fired a rifle on parade crowd from the rooftop of a downtown building.

“The City of Highland Park appreciates the work of Senators Morrison and Holmes leading on legislation that will broaden the use of drones by public safety in certain situations, specifically for preventative use against public safety threats towards public gatherings,” said Highland Park Mayor Nancy Rotering. “Allowing our public safety personnel the use of drones to monitor large scale public events will increase their ability to secure an area, and save time while improving the delivery of life-saving services.”

House Bill 3902 passed the Senate Wednesday.

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SPRINGFIELD – Violent threats against schools are becoming all-too-common, leading State Senator Julie Morrison to pass a measure to require rapid entry protocol for law enforcement and first responders, including the threat of firearms.

“Our first responders must be equipped and trained to handle any emergency situation – especially within schools,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “School shootings are sadly happening at record rates – we must be prepared in case tragedy strikes.”

Morrison’s House Bill 3559 would require schools’ emergency and crisis response plans to include procedures for local law enforcement to rapidly enter the school building in the event of an emergency.

House Bill 3559 passed the Senate just a month after five students at Highland Park High School were taken into custody following a report of a student with a handgun. The threat left the community shaken, as it came less than a year after the 4th of July mass shooting that took the lives of seven innocent community members.

“Law enforcement officers near Highland Park High School acted swiftly to keep the children safe,” said Morrison. “Standing up to help our kids in emergencies should be the norm.”

House Bill 3559 passed the Senate Thursday.

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison passed a measure to fill a significant gap in current Illinois law by giving victims of doxing a voice in deterring bad actors looking to take advantage of the evolving cyber landscape.

“It is absolutely critical for our laws to evolve with the changing nature of the cyber world,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “This legislation provides a necessary solution to the dangerous practice of doxing, by both helping victims and deterring future bad actors.”

To give victims of doxing the justice they deserve, Morrison passed House Bill 2954. The measure would allow people a civil private right of action against the individual who committed the offense. The victim could recover damages and any other appropriate relief, including attorney’s fees.

Doxing is the act of sharing an individual’s personal information without that person’s consent and with the intent to cause harm to the individual whose personal information is shared.

“This is a very promising next step in our efforts to give doxing victims a voice and hold people accountable for online hate and harassment,” said Anti-Defamation League Midwest Regional Director David Goldenberg.  “The General Assembly’s unanimous support for this bill sends a strong signal that Illinois will be no place for hate. We thank Representative Gong-Gershowitz and Senator Morrison for their leadership and look forward to the Civil Liability for Doxing Act becoming law.”

House Bill 2954 passed the Senate Wednesday.

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