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MorrisonCommitteeDEERFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) is joining regional officials in hosting a public meeting to discuss some of the potential environmental impacts of the proposed Foxconn Technology Company Plant in Racine.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 6:30 p.m. at the Heritage Park Center, located at 100 Community Boulevard in Wheeling.

“Business development and regional job creation is important, but also requires a keen eye towards environmental protection,” Morrison said. “Lake and Cook County residents deserve to have all the information available and should know that the environmental impact of the Foxconn development won’t end at the Wisconsin border.”

In their effort to establish a U.S. manufacturing presence, Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology chose Racine County, Wisconsin to locate and build their large plan.  Last year, the incentive package the Wisconsin General Assembly gave to the company included the ability to discharge dredged materials and fill natural wetlands without a permit.

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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) expressed her frustration at the Rauner administration’s failure to keep the U.S. headquarters for Takeda Pharmaceuticals in Deerfield:

“This is a devastating blow to our community. I’m disappointed in the move. I’m even more disappointed that the Rauner administration did nothing to prevent these job losses. This is another example of the governor’s inability to run this state and focus on what matters.

“Takeda is leaving behind hundreds of talented workers that are an asset to the Illinois research industry. The governor has the opportunity to help pick up these pieces and move Illinois forward.”


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SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield) issued the following response this afternoon after a fire in a Little Village apartment killed 10 children last weekend.

Three of the four mothers of the children who died in the fire had histories with the Department of Child and Family Services. One of the mothers was investigated at least 21 times:

“With that many red flags, it is incomprehensible that no action was taken to protect these children,” Morrison said. “DCFS investigated these families for years and still missed opportunities to make sure the children were safe. It’s unacceptable that nothing was done for this family or these children.

“This fire confirms that there needs to be long-lasting systemic changes in this agency, so we can prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again.”

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