State Senator Julie Morrison giving a press conference on Senate Bill 2697

SPRINGFIELD – Standing alongside health care providers and cancer experts at a press conference Tuesday, State Senator Julie Morrison outlined her plan to require insurance to cover preventative cancer screenings and genetic testing for individuals with a family history of cancer.

“Taking preventative measures increases the chances of survival and is more cost effective than treatment,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “Since 1990, cancer mortality rates have dropped by 25%. This measure will increase early detection and improve prevention of all types of cancer. With this bill, we are moving the needle further in the right direction.”

Currently cancer screenings for certain types of cancer are covered as long as the patient meets the age requirement. Senate Bill 2697 would expand that coverage to include prevention and susceptibility cancer screenings for all types of cancer for people who have a family member affected by the deadly disease. Additionally, insurance companies would be required to cover genetic testing for an inherited gene mutation for individuals with a family history of cancer.

“Susan G. Komen believes individuals should have access to all the information needed to make informed decisions about their health care,” State Policy and Advocacy Manager at Susan G. Komen Alimyon M. Allen. “SB 2697 ensures patients have access to comprehensive genetic testing to better understand their lifetime risk of cancer as well as coverage for recommended screenings based on the results of the testing.”

Senate Bill 2697 awaits approval from the full Senate.