State Senator Julie Morrison testifying on the Senate floor

SPRINGFIELD – Cancer is a serious disease that touches most lives in one way or another. State Senator Julie Morrison passed a measure through the Senate to require insurance companies to cover preventative cancer screenings and genetic testing for individuals with a family history or increased risk of cancer.

“Like so many others, cancer has impacted me and my family,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “This legislation will increase rates of survival by prioritizing prevention and early detection.”

Currently, cancer screenings for certain types of cancer are covered as long as the patient meets the age requirement. Senate Bill 2697 would expand that coverage to include prevention and susceptibility cancer screenings for all types of cancer for people who have a family member affected by the deadly disease. Additionally, insurance companies would be required to cover genetic testing for an inherited gene mutation for individuals with a family history of cancer.

“Early screenings and genetic testing will save lives,” said Morrison. “Prioritizing prevention is vital in the fight against cancer.”

Senate Bill 2697 passed the Senate on Wednesday and moves to the House for further consideration.