State Senator Julie Morrison

SPRINGFIELD – To ensure nursing home residents receive proper care during ownership changes, State Senator Julie Morrison passed legislation that would require facilities to develop comprehensive transition plans.

“Quality of care for nursing home residents should not be disrupted because of an unclear transition process,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “By providing a clear transfer plan when nursing homes change ownership, we can increase protection for residents.”

Senate Bill 3115 would require owners of nursing facilities to submit transition plans detailing how resident care and appropriate staffing levels will be maintained throughout the process of changing ownership. 

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, past changes of ownership have taken place without a clear and concise transfer plan that assures appropriate staffing and quality of care. Morrison’s legislation aims to remedy this issue by providing clear steps facilities must take during ownership changes.

“In the past, medical staff have been at dangerously low levels during facility transitions,” said Morrison. “Nursing home management has a duty to provide comprehensive care.”

Senate Bill 3115 passed the Senate on Friday and moves on to the House for further consideration.