State Senator Julie Morrison

SPRINGFIELD – To increase efficiency in emergency response, State Senator Julie Morrison led a measure through the Senate to outline training on how to access the medical ID function within health apps on cellphones.

“With the majority of people having a cell phone on them at all times, it’s easy for people to have their own digital medical ID,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “This measure will help first responders keep up with technology and use this feature to save lives.”

With few excluded, cell phones have a health app where a user can enter pertinent information to help emergency response services in the event the user is unresponsive or otherwise unable to report healthcare needs during a medical emergency. Morrison’s measure would outline training to teach EMS personnel and law enforcement how to access this information on a person’s phone.

Utilizing a patient’s health app can ensure EMS personnel are aware if individuals are allergic to certain foods or medications, or if they are taking medication that may interact with another drug or medical treatment.

“I am committed to taking preemptive measures to improve the health and safety of our community,” said Morrison. “To be prepared, I urge everyone to take this opportunity to update their health app with their current information.”

Senate Bill 3116 passed the Senate on Wednesday and moves to the House for further consideration.