Gambling Machines

SPRINGFIELD – The prevalence of gambling is on the rise and with it has come an increase in addictive gambling behaviors. State Senator Julie Morrison passed legislation to provide prevention, treatment and recovery services for people who experience problem gambling.

“Like many drugs, gambling activates an addictive part of our brain,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “People who struggle with a gambling disorder deserve the same help and treatment as someone with a drug dependency.”

With expanded access to gambling, the Illinois Department of Human Services found that 68% of adults in the state reported gambling in the past year. Approximately 383,000 people across the state are considered to have a gambling problem and 761,000 people are at risk for developing a gambling problem. By recognizing gambling problems as disorders, Senate Bill 3410 will enable DHS to coordinate prevention, treatment and recovery services.

“Struggling with a gambling disorder can be a shameful, isolating experience,” said Morrison. “Providing resources for prevention, treatment and a path to diagnosis will help remove this harmful stigma.”

Senate Bill 3410 passed the Senate Thursday and moves to the House for further consideration.