SPRINGFIELD – Continuing her efforts to make voting more accessible, State Senator Julie Morrison championed a newly signed law to help people in veterans’ homes, nursing homes and hospitals cast their ballots in a safe and secure way.

“Voting disparities among people with disabilities is a pressing issue,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “Increasing opportunities for voters with disabilities to utilize vote by mail will have a positive impact on their participation.”

House Bill 4488, among other things, will allow election authorities to deliver vote by mail ballots to voters who live in veterans’ and nursing homes, hospitals and mental health facilities, in addition to the authorities' preexisting ability to administer supervised, on-site voting.

This vote by mail initiative is just one part of a bigger package of proposals to increase voting accessibility and make elections more transparent.

“This compilation of provisions will improve the efficiency and equity of our state’s elections,” said Morrison. “The rate at which Illinois voters show up to the polls has dropped in recent years and this measure provides paths to turn this stat around.”

House Bill 4488 was signed into law Monday and takes effect immediately.