Gun SafetySPRINGFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison (D – Deerfield) was appalled this morning when she read news that the Lake County Republicans are holding a gun raffle this Friday during a political fundraiser.

“Just ten days after the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Lake County Republicans are auctioning off semi-automatic rifles and military style weapons,” Morrison said. “Not only is this event in bad taste, weapons should not be auctioned at political fundraisers.”

Morrison is calling on all political organizations to suspend raffles of firearms at political events.

In response to the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Morrison is working on legislation to ban trigger modification devices such as “bump stocks,” which are attachments to semi-automatic rifles that drastically increase the number of shots per minute fired from a weapon.

Morrison hopes to gain support among her colleagues during the upcoming veto session and advance the proposal.

“We cannot continue to act as though we don’t have a serious problem with gun violence in this country,” Morrison said. “The ease with which individuals wishing to commit a mass shooting have access to assault weapons and devices that kill is unacceptable.”