SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Julie Morrison led a new law to eliminate harmful plastics in drinking water.

“While the prevalence of microplastics is well known, the potential environmental and human health effects are not yet fully understood,” said Morrison (D-Lake Forest). “With increasing levels of plastic being found in our waterways, it is of even greater importance to reduce consumption of plastics whenever possible.”

Morrison’s law requires the Illinois EPA to create a public website with information regarding microplastics and submit a report to the General Assembly and governor regarding microplastics, including what other states are doing to address their prevalence.

Microplastics – very small pieces of plastic often undetectable to the human eye – have been discovered in bodies of water across the globe and have showed up in the digestive tracts of aquatic animals and birds.

“We know microplastic contaminants in our waterways have become a dangerous, expansive problem nationally, but with this law, we will come much closer to understanding the scope of the problem in Illinois,” said Morrison. “We must take microplastic contamination seriously.”

Senate Bill 1563 was signed into law Friday.