SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison (D–Deerfield) will not be enrolling in the state’s pension plan.  Along with 21 other state legislators, Senator Morrison has decided to opt-out of Illinois’ troubled pension system.

As highlighted in a recent Chicago Tribune editorial, Morrison has decided to set an example and forgo the state-subsidized retirement plan.

“I have discussed the need to reform our state’s troubled pension system before,” Senator Morrison said. “This demonstrates my determination to seek positive solutions to the Pension shortfalls.” 

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SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison (D–Deerfield) will work alongside other freshmen state legislators in Lieutenant Governor Sheila Simon’s newly created Firearms Working Group.

The lieutenant governor held a press conference earlier this week announcing the creation of a bipartisan Firearms Working Group, representing urban, suburban and rural areas. The group was created after the 7th Circuit Court ruled that Illinois’ concealed weapons ban was unconstitutional. The court gave Illinois lawmakers 180 days to pass legislation on concealed carry weapons.

“When it comes to this issue, the legislature has no time to lose. I hope that we can reach a consensus that allows for responsible gun ownership with commonsense safety measures,” Senator Morrison said. “The conversation needs to move from gun control to public safety.” 

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SPRINGFIELD – Illinois State Senator Julie Morrison (D-Deerfield), along with 33 other state senators, backed a bill that would allow same-sex couples the same legal rights as other married couples in Illinois.

“This is a historic vote that ensures legal marriage equality for all Illinois couples.” Senator Morrison said.

The bill gives same-sex couples the same rights under the law as other Illinois citizens.  It would end the “separate but equal status” of civil unions.

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Neighborhood Office Hours

Throughout the next couple of months, my office will be teaming with Congressman Schneider's office to give you the opportunity to meet privately with staff and have your questions answered about senior services, property taxes, Medicare, Social Security and more.

Upcoming Events:
Feb. 27, 9:00A-11:00A (Wheeling)
Mar. 1, 9:30A-11:30A (Northbrook)
Mar. 27, 9:00A-11:00A (Wheeling)

Click here for more information!

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